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What the Hell Happened to Me? is the 1996 second comedy album by Adam Sandler.


  1. Joining the Cult
  2. Respect
  3. Ode to my Car
  4. The Excited Southerner Orders a Meal
  5. The Goat
  6. The Chanukah Song
  7. The Excited Southerner Gets Pulled Over
  8. The Hypnotist
  9. Steve Polychronopolous
  10. The Excited Southerner at a Job Interview
  11. Do It for Your Mama
  12. Crazy Love
  13. The Excited Southerner Meets Mel Gibson
  14. The Adventures of the Cow
  15. Dip Doodle
  16. The Excited Southerner Proposes to a Woman
  17. Memory Lane
  18. Mr. Bake-O
  19. Sex or Weight Lifting
  20. What the Hell Happened to Me?
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