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Buddy is the third track of They're All Gonna Laugh At You! It includes a 1993 cartoon video that visualized the skit on MTV. It was written by Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider. It features six young adults that refer to each other by different nicknames on every sentence at a train.


  • Train Announcer: Next stop, Coopersville!
  • Buddy #1: Hey, Buddy!
  • Buddy #2: Buddy!
  • Buddy #1: How was the bathroom, Buddy? Pretty gruesome?
  • Buddy #2: Buddy, I had to hold my breath, Buddy.
  • Buddy #1: Buddy, don't even tell me about it, Buddy.
  • Buddy #2: Buddy, I know.
  • Buddy #1: Buddy, M&M?
  • Buddy #2: Chocolate me, Buddy! [Eats M&Ms] Tasty, Buddy!
  • Buddy #1:

Voice Cast

  • Adam Sandler as Buddy #2
  • David Spade as Buddy #1
  • Rob Schneider
  • Tim Herilhy
  • Tim Meadows as Homie #1
  • Robert Smidgel