A pitch for a new hit film about the reincarnation of Hollywood superstar Adam Sandler Edit

It's a romantic tragedy about the forbidden love between Jill (played by Adam Sandler) and Kevin James, who fell in love with her at first sight. Despite their love, Adam Sandler (who was reincarnated into a world where his crossdressing self was made into another person) opposes this relationship, as he doesn't want his friend to date someone who is technically him because he's defo not gay. Tired of her identical brother's controlling nature, Jill trains to fight back, but to her dismay, Sandler has secretly had a black belt in Jiu Jitsu all along. As a result, she trains to become strong enough to fight him, and this training awakens her inner Saiyan nature. She uses her new found power to defeat Sandler, and upon her first transformation into a Super Saiyan, the ghost of her father appears in front of her, informing her that she is actually an alien who he adopted, and that her real name is Zohan. Embracing her new name, she travels to Kevin's house and jumps into his arms, only to learn that his relatives, too, refuse to accept their relationship. Zohan ends up fighting all of his relatives, but they hold no candle to her because of her awakened Saiyan nature, until she encounters his father, who was the first person find the capsule that she was in when she crashed into the earth. He reveals that she wasn't the only baby in the capsule, and that she was in their with her real brother, who is actually Kevin James! However, Zohan and Kevin are unshaken and are determined to be together, even against the taboos of society. This is difficult, though, as Adam Sandler returns, revealing that the humiliation he faced as a result of his defeat at the hands of Zohan caused him to fuse with the Nine Tailed Fox, whose vengeful spirit travelled aimlessly for decades, searching for another being of pure negative emotions to fuse with. After the fusion, Sandler then visited a Karate dojo to train further in the martial arts, and left after mastering the techniques taught to him and dominating all of the 9 year olds training there. His new found power and his determination to end this relationship (because he still isnt gay) prove to be too much for Zohan at first, but when a stray shot hits and kills Kevin James, her rage causes her to transform into her next form and unlock her Bankai. This helps her kill Adam Sandler and Kevin's dad, but it's too late as her beloved is already dead. In her grief, she watches the extended version of Jack And Jill on Blu Ray, and tragically dies at the thirty minute mark. Then, Adam Sandler, killed by Zohan, gets reincarnated again into a world where he was cast as the Green Goblin in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man film, turning him into a beloved household name.

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